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Why we read newspaper everyday? Why we watch Television everyday? Definitely for the fresh news updates and latest information. Like the same we need to keep updating our website with the fresh content and graphics. Like we love to read the latest information everyday to enhance our awareness and knowledge, major search engine also loves to index latest information from your website everyday. There is another example like if we want to take the best performance from our vehicles then we need to do maintenance time by time, like the same have to do the frequent website maintenance.

Your website is the first impression to your website visitors, international buyers will interact with those companies who always maintain their website with the fresh product information and latest product offerings. Generally these buyers will prefer to go through your website for the latest product information available on your website, they made up their mind by having a look of your website for the latest product and services information whether they are going to contact with you or not. If you have latest information on your corporate website with the best website design for convincing your internal buyers then definitely they will contact you via E-mail or phone for the business enquiries.

One of our client is having a very large website with around 5 thousand product pages in their websites will always modify their product latest enhancement in the product with the new photographs, he also modifying their product prices regularly for their buyers to maintain and increase their returning buyers. For this regular website maintenance we have designed and developed a search engine friendly content management system (CMS) to maintain existing product pages and add new products pages very easily.

Basic website maintenance checkpoints are as:

  • Maintenance and replacement of the website and web pages old content with the new content.
  • Maintenance and addition of latest enhanced products and services information to the website.
  • Website maintenance of the broken links to the complete website
  • Server level website maintenance, application level website maintenance and page level custom error page configurations website maintenance.
  • Website streamlining databases maintenance for the best performance and load time optimization.
  • Complete website maintenance for the cross-browsers compatibility
  • WebPages maintenance of the colour contrast checks to differentiate the hue and lightness between background and foreground colours.
  • Website document title analysis and maintenance.
  • Website Link text analysis and maintenance.
  • Re-structuring and maintenance of the invalid HTML tags.
  • Implementation and maintenance of the alternative Non HTML documents (PDF, Microsoft Word) if required.
  • Platform discrimination testing and maintenance
  • Implementation and maintenance of the Keyboard navigation to your website pages.
  • Analysis and maintenance of the uses of the data tables in your website.
  • Form control and labels implementation and maintenance.
  • Maintenance of eliminating the frames and iframes from your existing website if any and make them accessible to the search engines.
  • Maintenance of HTML and CSS validation for existing websites and web pages.
  • WebPages Images alternative text and link title text implantation and maintenance.
  • Analysis and maintenance of the accessibility of your multimedia flash elements in your complete websites.
  • Maintenance and testing of your website on the java disabled browsers.
  • Website maintenance of content font size increasing if they are so small.
  • If there is an issue due to your existing website Hosting provider then we will do the Analysis and maintenance for the same.


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