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Web Design is not only arranging the text and images together. According to Pujya Online; Web Design is the art from where we have to use the same elements e.g. text and images for the world class User Interface (UI) Design. Pujya Online team always follows our Web Design Checklist before designing website for our clients. This checklist includes browser safe colours, visual hierarchy analysis, easy navigational structures, fixed versus liquid UI design analysis, corporate colours utilization, visual design consistency, CSS style sheet based font formatting, web page dimension planning, web site page length and content analysis, web design accessibility issues analysis, web design grids for graphics and text placement, page headers and footers content analysis, analysis of using tables or div, cross-platform compatibility testing, best font typefaces utilization planning, planning for SIFRs (Rich Accessible Typography) utilization for better typographical text rendering, graphics elements UI design planning, best typographical approach, uses of headings html tags, uses of subtle colours, W3C compatibility testing etc.

At Pujya Online we design and develop websites for the organizations who wants to use website as corporate branding for their worldwide clients and also want to do business and marketing from the designed websites. We have very good understanding of web design and know the crux of utilizing technologies for enhancing ROI (Return on Invest) from our designed websites.

Our motto is "Turning Business Ideas into Business Results". We never criticize what other companies are offering to the individuals and corporate, but we know what we have to deliver to our clients for the maximum ROI (Return on Investment). Our main focus is to facilitate our clients by latest and best solution available in the IT Industry. We believe in our client's growth and satisfaction because we know that our clients definitely grow and we will automatically grow with them. We want to be your long term business solutions provider.

We have so many happy satisfied web design and development clients and partners from within India and across the world. Our designed website will always get appreciation by our client and website visitors. If you're looking for a company who will design and promote your website on World Wide Web (www) then we will promise you that Pujya Online will become your long term business web design solution provider or partner in India.

Our Web Design Services Includes:

  • Graphical user interfaces Designer India
  • Web-based user interfaces Designer India
  • Command-line interfaces Designer India
  • Tactile interfaces Designer India
  • Touch interfaces Designer India
  • Attentive user interfaces Designer India
  • Batch interfaces Designer India
  • Crossing-based interfaces Designer India
  • Noncommand user interfaces Designer India
  • Reflexive user interfaces Designer India
  • Tangible user interfaces Designer India
  • Telephone user interfaces Designer India
  • Text user interfaces Designer India
  • Zooming user interfaces Designer India


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