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Graphic Design is the essence of visual communication. Graphic Design is a process by which visual information can be arrange in a manner to communicate a message to the viewer. Graphic Design is the combination of visual information in a form of typographical effects with graphical elements. This information may take many visual communication design form e.g.  Brochure design, printed materials, 3d graphic designs. Graphic design job work can be achieved by the professional graphic designer, who will incorporate best typography, text, illustration, icons, photography to accomplish your work.


Graphic Design works includes logo design, shape graphic design,custom space design, form graphic design, mass graphic design, line graphic design, texture graphic design, pattern graphic design, light effects, and color implementations.
Graphic Design field is very wide field. The mostly acceptable graphic design media are as:


Corporate Identity Design - Company Identity Graphic Design, environmental graphic design, signage design.


Interactive designs - web sites designing and GUI (Graphical User Interface) design

Print Publishing - books designing, newspapers designing, posters design, magazines design, print advertisements design, periodicals design, newsletters design, business collateral materials design

Film, videos, CDs, DVDs - motion graphics design, CD Cover Design, DVD Cover Design, promotional materials design, title design

Products Graphics Design - Products packaging designing.

Graphic design is a visual design art. The visual excitement of any graphic design will depend upon how beautifully graphic design elements are arranged to reflect your mood by looking the style, typographical approach and the overall presentation of the designed graphic. The graphic design process is a complex path for the graphic designer. For any graphic design the graphic designer have to do lots of research, exploration and re-evaluation of the created graphic design.
The commonly used graphic design application includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Macromedia Fireworks, and Macromedia Flash.


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