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Flash Website Design

Pujya Online is a Hyderabad India based leading flash website Design Company that is offering complete range of flash website design and database driven flash based web application development solutions to small companies, medium companies and large businesses organizations.


Our flash based websites is having easy navigation, eye pleasing graphic animations, subtle colours, interactive, combinations of video and sounds, synchronized with the screen text and 2D or 3d animations. Our database driven flash based websites are easy to maintain and fully accessible to major browsers and operating systems. The best part of our flash based website application development is that the dynamic flash content of these websites will automatically laded from the external MySQL or MS-SQL and XML files using the flash action script.

We use macromedia flash to deliver the best creative animated effects to your interactive websites. We use several techniques for developing flash intro animations, corporate flash presentations, and interface design of your flash websites, animated banners for your websites, sound synchronization and video effects to your websites.
Few of our techniques for designing flash website are as:

  • Importing of the external raster and vector graphics
  • Organizing of your website content in layer folders
  • Creation of the conceptual and animated graphics
  • Uses of the flash drawing tools for designing the User Interface of your website
  • Layering of flash elements of website
  • Effective use of the color
  • Creation of a color swatch for flash working
  • Reuse of the created or imported graphics as symbols
  • Masking of the content layers of your website
  • Uses of the Text tool for implementing text in your flash website
  • Creation of the static, input and dynamic text field if required in your flash website
  • Analysis and uses of the embedded or device fonts in your website design
  • Manipulation of the font properties for better text effect of your website
  • Forms creation in Flash and validation of the form inputs
  • Text property uses to populate fields
  • Uses of the Anti-aliasing text in your website
  • Implementation of the text components in Flash website
  • Creation of the buttons and rollovers
  • Addition of the behaviors to buttons by action script
  • Creating MovieClips and planning for calling the dynamic MovieClip
  • MovieClip uses as a wrapper
  • Generating final version of your flash website
  • Embed flash and HTML together with accessible W3C compatible object code
  • Creating multiple SWFs files for external loading of the swf movie
  • Action Scripting of the MovieClip events
  • Timeline uses for application states maintenance
  • Importing of the digital sounds to stage and libraries
  • Use of behaviors for preloading of the sounds into your flash website
  • Importing and implementation of the video into your flash website
  • Uses of the Macromedia Flash video components in your flash website


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