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e-Mail Marketing

Email marketing is also known as online direct marketing. Under this process we send Online HTML Mailers and Non HTML Mailers to the peoples.

Pujya Online has very good experience in designing and delivering the effective Email Marketing campaigns mailers to the interested national and international customers. AtPujya Online you will have the option of choosing e-mail marketing, electronic newsletters and viral marketing.

The best benefits of Email Marketing Services are:

  • Sending Electronic Marketing Mailers to the customers for enhancing customer relationship with the merchant.
  • Sending Electronic Promotional Mailers to the peoples for getting new customers and to conveyance your old customers to buy the product and services as offered in the Email Marketing Mailers.
  • Email marketing is fast if we compared this to other trendy media advertisement. Your Email will be delivered to your clients e-mail in a few seconds or few minutes.
  • News Subscription services for the latest happening information by Email.
  • Email Marketing is less expensive compared to other media expenses such as printed newsletters & direct mail
  • Email Marketing Return on Investment (ROI) is high
  • It's easy to track and manage your un-subscribed users.
  • It is the strong and instant way to communicate with your targeting customers because the research reports that any businessmen's first task is to check their E-mails.
  • hese Promotional E-mails can be personalized easily.


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